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Commercial Building Permits Issued

Values listed are for construction only and do not include the value of the land. Values are used for permit fee assessments. They are derived from the size, type, and components of the project and do not necessarily reflect the true cost of construction.

$133,372 – 50 Cypress Point Pkwy - Units A-3 & A-4 - Commercial Interior Office Renovation (Medical & Dental) - 1,780 square feet

$37,052 – 174 Cypress Point Pkwy - Interior alteration - Subway (inside Walmart building)

$300,000 – 145 City Pl - Interior buildout Palm Coast City Centre Law - 5,743 square feet

$150,000 – 5200 Highway 100 - Interior buildout for Dollar Tree - 8,650 square feet

$260,000 – 57 Town Ct - Bldg. 2 - Units G,H,J, K, L - Interior buildout - Partition walls only

$325,000 – 145 City Place - Interior buildout - Suite 300 - 8,070 square feet



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