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Flagler County, FL Historic Mill Site Open To Public

Hewitt Sawmill, Flagler County's newest historic site is dedicated.

By Toby Tobin
Palm Coast, FL – November 12, 2010 – Flagler County Commission Chairman George Hanns attended the dedication of Flagler County’s newest historical site, Hewitt Sawmill recently.
The 10 acre site was donated the Florida Agricultural Museum by Palm Coast Park Community Development District (CDD) and the Daughters of the American Revolution contributed to improvements at the park. The site is west of U.S. 1 and just north of the intersection of North Old Kings Road and U.S. 1 near the Flagler, St. Johns county line.
It is open to the public and includes a loop trail with informative signage at various points describing the mill and the history of the area. The site also includes a 50 acre gopher tortoise preserve.
Hewitt Park has an interesting history. John Hewitt purchased 1,000 acres in 1768 on which he built a sawmill. A mill pond was constructed along Hewitt Branch, a small stream that feeds into Pellicer Creek, to provide power to the mill. For several decades the mill supplied the lumber needed to build homes in St. Augustine.
The lumber was needed to supply homes for in influx of British loyalist who fled south to Florida during the Revolutionary War. The top of the earthen dam, which is still visible, was part of what was then a section of the Kings Road.
 “It is a classic example of the British history coming to life in Flagler County,” Hanns said. “It is another piece of the historic puzzle of Florida and Flagler County plays a major role in the state’s history.”
“It is really amazing that the remnants of these historic structures still exist,” Chairman Hanns said. “The site compliments other historic structures in the area, Fort Fulton and Flagler County’s Princess Place Preserve.”
The foundation for what is believed to be Hewitt’s residence is also on the site. The mill site was destroyed in 1813 in the Patriot War in which the U.S. invaded the Spanish held Florida territory. The Seminole Indians joined the Spanish in the conflict but eventually Florida became U.S. territory.
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