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Island Walk: Construction Permitting Progress Report

Shoppers are flocking to the new Palm Coast Publix. Soon, they will see many other new openings.

By Toby Tobin
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PALM COAST, FL – February 27, 2016 – Palm Coast’s newest shopping venue is showing lots of progress over the past two months. Shoppers are flocking to the new Publix. Soon, they will see many other new openings.

Here is a brief list of recent city permitting activity at the site:

  • Applied: Suit #604 – Commercial Interior Alteration – “Crosssfit” - $150,000
  • Applied: Unit #203 – Commercial Interior Alteration – “Tropical Smoothie Yogurt Shop” - $140,000
  • COED: Unit #902 – Commercial Interior Alteration – “Hallmark” - $122,204
  • Issued (1-22-2016) Unit #407: Commercial Interior Alteration – “REMAX” - $68,000
  • Issued (2-10-2016): Unit #203 – Commercial Interior Alteration – “Tropical Smoothie” - $75,000
  • Issued (2-17-2016): Suite 1100 – Interior Renovations – “Hobby Lobby” - $875,350
  • Issued (2-11-2016): Unit #701 – Commercial Interior Alteration – “Palm Nails” - $175,000
  • Issued (1-12-2016): Building F – Façade Renovation - $37,850
  • Issued (1-7-2016): Unit #205 – Commercial Interior Alteration – “The Metro Diner” - $350,000
  • Issued (1-12-2016): Unit #603 – Commercial Interior Alteration – “Tuesday Morning” - $510,000
  • Issued (2-18-2016): Unit #214 – Commercial Interior Alteration – “Moe’s Southwest Grill” - $205,676
  • COED: Building 400, Unit #404 – Commercial Interior Alteration – “Great Clips” - $14,000
  • Issued (1-6-2016): Unit #608 – Commercial Interior Alteration – “PETCO” - $200,000

Island Walk is owned by Branch Island Walk Associates LP of Atlanta. The site once held Palm Coast's original shopping center. It was then known as Palm Harbor Shopping Center. Branch Island Walk has domolished most of the original plaza. The sections where PETCO and Hobby Lobby will be housed were not demolished but are undergoing complete makeovers. The center's anchor tenant is Pubix. The new Publix opened October 29, 2015. The old Publix will be occupied by Hobby Lobby after renovation.


Island Walk Site Plan

reader comments
Island walk shops
Posted by Barb
Mar 02, 2016, 5:31 pm
What happened to Joanne fabrics to give our Michael's competition? The market place for some variety. Charming Charlie's and Pier One would be nice. Costco would be competition for big box stores in Daytona & LPGA. Enough pizza places, worn out Walmart and the assortment of dollar stores. Enough McDonald's with no Burger King in sight North of 100.
Bed,Bath and Beyond
Posted by Kathy Barbaccia
Feb 29, 2016, 7:28 am
Originally heard that Bed,Bath and Beyond was going into the new shopping center. Can u tell me why that is not happening?

Reply to Barbara
Posted by Toby Tobin
Feb 28, 2016, 5:48 pm
Yes. Thai by Thai is coming back. They will move into the space vacated by Salsa's move.
Origins of the Palm Harbor Community Shopping Ctr
Posted by George Edward Chuddy
Feb 28, 2016, 3:16 pm
Federal Trade Commissions' ' F.T.C. Docket C-2854 ' and Federally ORDERED ' 15 Year Compliance Report ':

This Order, if accepted, represents the largest amount of consumer redress ever ordered by the Federal Trade Commission.


'...Most of Palm Coast residential lots are one-quarter of an acre currently selling for a minimum of $ 4,700.00 i.e., $ 18,000.00 per acre. By the date the deed is transferred to the consumer, usually six to ten years after an installment sales contract is signed, respondents are obligated to clear the lot and provide roads, drainage, utilities, and some recreational amenities. Before execution of the consent order respondents were not obligated to provide a grocery store, a shopping center, an office building or other indispensable amenities associated with a self-contained or fully-developed community which is what Palm Coast is represented to be....'

The above was the reason for the building of the Palm Harbor Shopping Center for REDRESS compensation for me / us / early purchasers.
Also Federally ORDERED were significant areas of conservation, significant areas of recreation, and significant areas of preservation, ' community wide landscaping' and so much more. The Palm Coast Golf Course , later Nancy Lopez's - Palm Coasts' Golf Touring Pro and her home Golf Course, and later know as the Palm Harbor Golf Course. The first Designer for this 18 Hole Championsip Golf Course was famed Golf Course Designer Bill Amick. In any Event for the newer Palm Coasters this is how much of what Palm Coast has / once had - Federally ORDERED Redress for me / us / The Palm Coast Project . My parents and also myself made several Purchases in the ' Palm Coast Community of Palm Harbor ' since that was the first offerings and The Palm Coast Community of Palm Harbor had the most of the original Amenities. We made these purchases before the Gargantuan 93,000 acres of ' The Palm Coast Project ' opened. Today, all the properties we bought were sold and I only own and still am Steward of a Palm Coast Golf Course location ' Santa Rosa' Model house ( Levitt & Sons and I.T.T. Model ). I worked very hard and achieved an Official State of Florida Heritage Site MARKER. Since I am now networking with ' The Smithsonian ' - I regularly send the info. they seek to ' The Smithsonian'.

So - that is how the Palm Coast Community of Palm Harbor, the Palm Harbor Shopping Center came into being - neat that I helped pay for that too - and Federally ORDERED REDRESS for / me / us -
St Josephs' Plantation Site
Posted by George Edward Chuddy
Feb 28, 2016, 3:15 pm
Importantly, that site is the location of Brigadeer General Jose Martin Hernandezs' third Plantation Site - Sugar Mill. Washington Oaks was owned by him also along with ' Mala Compra ' Plantation.
Relatedly the area in / around holland Park is the Slave Quarters for ' St. Josephs' Plantion ' the entrance on Florida Park Drive - very Heritage and History Rich area for us - So sad this isn't being used for Tourism and 'sense of place ' -

What about Thai by Thai?
Posted by Barbara Ejnes
Feb 28, 2016, 12:46 pm
Any word on if Thai by Thai is coming back? We have been watching for them! Does anyone else have a hard time maneuvering that parking lot? I know I do.
Disappointed in our new shopping center.
Posted by debbie mauro
Feb 28, 2016, 12:46 pm
I sad to see that bed bath and beyond will not be going into island walk. We definitely don't need Remax, Two Smoothie shop, or Petco We don't get anything new it the same store over and over again. We need stores that will give us a place to shop in palm coast. Bed bath and beyond would have been the best store and would have drawn in many people to the shopping center. Also Pier One was another store that was said of going in and it not. Another store that people like. I also heard the Market place was going in. another store that people like that we are not getting. Another shopping center in Palm Coast that will not be successful and we will have to look at once again another deserted area in palm coast. So sad

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