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Make Yourself Heard: Weigh in on an Important Tourism and Economic Development Issue

Tourism and Economic Development are two of our area’s most important topics. Let our representatives know how you feel about PCB CCS 17-01

By Toby Tobin

PALM COAST, FL – February 7, 2017 – Call to action. Both the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce and Friends of A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway have alerted their members of an important issue to our area.

The Flagler Chamber of Commerce puts out the following:

Action Alert!

The Florida House Careers & Competition Subcommittee will meet tomorrow at 1PM to consider legislation that may completely eliminate Florida's economic development and tourism agencies. Sponsored by Rep. Paul Renner, PCB CCS 17-01 will eliminate Enterprise Florida and VISIT Florida, as well as many programs and organizations that have helped make Florida job growth and economic diversification leader.

This legislation sends a signal that Florida's state government is no longer an active partner in job creation, diversifying our economy, or supporting our important tourism sector. Additionally, the bill may:

* End economic diversification and tourism marketing efforts locally and throughout Florida, 
* Raise taxes, 
* Hurt jobs, and 
* Make Flagler County and Florida less competitive (Learn more)

Help save Florida's economic development and tourism efforts. Add your name to a list of Flagler County businesses/residents opposing this bill.

Take this important POLL.

Questions? Contact Helga Van Eckert at 386-313-4071, Matt Dunn at 386-313-4225 or Gretchen Smith at 386-206-0953.

Contact State Representative Paul Renner:  Paul.Renner@myfloridahouse.gov  or  850.717.5024


The Friends of A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway’s communication says:

Dear Friends, 

Your help is needed to let legislators know how important Visit Florida is to our economy! As folks whose businesses and families depend on the tourism and service industries here locally, Visit Florida plays a vital role providing outreach and information to visitors, showcasing the many wonderful attributes our local communities have to offer in addition to providing grant funding opportunities to assist organizations.  

Please see the following information provided by the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association. Contact information for members of the House Careers and Competition Subcommittee is provided below. 

Please feel free to email your support for Visit Florida to the Subcommittee members if you cannot attend the meeting! 

Your support is greatly appreciated!



The House Careers and Competition Subcommittee will hear a bill that will eliminate VISIT FLORIDA on February 8, 2017 from 1:00-3:00 pm in the Knott Building, Room 212.
Shortly after Governor Rick Scott released his budget asking for $76 million to continue to support VISIT FLORIDA, the House Careers and Competition Subcommittee filed CCS1 - Economic Programs, essentially killing VISIT FLORIDA.

Once again, your commitment is needed to attend this critical meeting to show your support of VISIT FLORIDA.  If you plan to attend, please notify Richard Turner rturner@frla.org or Jason Reynolds jreynolds@frla.org.
If you are unable to attend the committee hearing on February 8th, we encourage you to contact the House Careers and Competition Subcommittee, by letter, email, and phone. 

Name          E-mail                    Phone 

Representative Halsey Beshears (Chair) Halsey.Beshears@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5007 

Representative Jay Trumbull (Vice Chair) Jay.Trumbull@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5006 

Representative Loranne Ausley (Minority Ranking Member) loranne.ausley@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5009 

Representative Larry Ahern larry.ahern@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5066

Representative Ramon Alexander ramon.alexander@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5008 

Representative Randy Fine Randy.Fine@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5053

Representative Julio Gonzales Julio.Gonzalez@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5074

Representative Joe Gruters Joe.Gruters@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5073

Representative Roy Hardemon Roy.Hardemon@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5108 

Representative Shawn Harrison shawn.harrison@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5063 

Representative Al Jacquet Al.Jacquet@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5088

Representative Mike Larosa Mike.LaRosa@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5042

Representative Alexandra "Alex" Miller Alex.Miller@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5072

Representative Paul Renner Paul.Renner@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5024

Representative David Silvers David.Silvers@myfloridahouse.gov 850.717.5087

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