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April 1st Commercial Construction Update: This is No Joke

Most people do not get a chance to visit all corners of Palm Coast and Flagler County to notice commercial construction activity so I did it today for you.

By Toby Tobin
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PALM COAST, FL – April 1, 2017 – I’ve had several phone calls and emails lately asking questions like, “What’s happening on Colbert Lane just south of Palm Coast Pkwy?” Or, “What happened to Starbucks in Island Walk?”

There really is a lot happening locally in the commercial construction world, but most people don’t get around enough to notice construction activity, so I took a few hours to drive around town with my camera. Here’s what I found.

Protea Senior Living - Sabal Palms

The Protea Senior Living – Sabal Palms adult living facility near the north end of Palm Harbor Pkwy is well underway. Roof trusses and decking are being installed. One indicator of the size and scope of a construction project is the number of Porta-Johns. This site has three.


Protea Senior Living

Protea Senior Living


The Starbucks at Island Walk has been demolished to make way for a new Starbucks. This one will have a drive-thru. Meanwhile, they have moved to a temporary location in the northeast corner of Island Walk. A building permit for the replacement shell building has been issued.


Starbucks site in Island Walk, Palm Coast, FL


Temporary Starbucks in Island Walk, Palm Coast, FL

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts on Palm Coast Pkwy NW was lost to a fire last year but they are coming back; the same location


New Dunkin Donuts in Palm Coast, FL


Wind Chant Country Manor

A zoning change request to allow an adult living facility at a 50-arcle tract on the west side of US1 Just south of Palm Coast Pkwy passed the first reading at Palm Coast City Council. A second reading is scheduled for the council’s April 4th meeting.  The proposed rezoning envisions commercial development along US1 with Wind Chant behind.


Wind Chant


Wind Chant proposed site


Stor-It Self Storage

This new facility on the north side of  SR100 east of Bunnell is now open with Grand Opening banners proudly displayed. Stor-It offers climate controlled storage and covered RV and boat storage.


Stor-It in Bunnell

Florida Power & Light

FP&L’s hurricane-proof building on SR100 at Town Center Blvd is well underway. The 25,436 square foot building with a declared construction value of $5M will be the first of seven Response Centers in Florida. The centers are designed as bases for “storm riders” to ride out a storm, making them immediately available to fix downed power lines following a storm. Site development alone was valued at $1.4M.




FP&L Response Center, Palm Coast, FL

Shoppes at Palm Coast

Another Starbucks is coming to this commercial development which already boasts a Tractor Supply Co and where an Aldi grocery store is under construction. A permit valued at $400,000 has been issued to construct the Starbucks shell building. The city collected $89,205 in transportation impact fees from Starbucks. Would that be “GROUNDS” for a complaint? A Gate gas station and convenience store is also planned for the Shoppes site.


Aldi in Shoppes at Palm Coast

Lighthouse Harbor Marina

Jim Cullis’s dream is beginning to come true. Site development work is very visible at the site of the former Lehigh Cement Plant on the northeast corner of Colbert Lane and Robert Road. Over 70,000 yards of sand have already been removed from an existing berm. Excavating the marina basin will commence soon, providing even more sand. A coincidence of timing puts the marina excavation only miles from Flagler County’s beach re-nourishment project.


Lighthouse Harbor Marina

Tuscan Garden at Palm Coast

Another Cullis-initiated project has begun further north on Colbert Lane. Two-tenths of a mile south of Palm Coast Pkwy on the west side of Colbert, you will see site development work has begun on this luxury adult living facility to be named Tuscan Garden at Palm Coast.


Tuscan Garden in Palm Coast, FL


reader comments
Reply to Aynne
Posted by Toby
Jul 27, 2017, 7:37 am
That would be a Suntrust Bank branch.
What us being built
Posted by Aynne
Jul 27, 2017, 7:35 am
What us being built On Rt 100 in front if Publix in Flagler Beach?
new construction on Beach Village Dr
Posted by Linda Richey
May 07, 2017, 9:11 am
I noticed a roped off parcel on Beach Village Dr Flagler Beach, in front of the Publix store. Can anyone tell s what is planned for that location?
Reply to Debbie
Posted by Toby
Apr 03, 2017, 12:13 pm
IHOP will be in Island Walk between Chase Bank and the mattress store.
They are still working out details with the city prior to getting a building permit.
Posted by Debbie
Apr 03, 2017, 12:09 pm
When is i hop going to be started. And were is it going.
The Beauty of Progress
Posted by Christine Hall
Apr 03, 2017, 12:08 pm
I first came to visit PC in 2005 & relocated here in 2007. The progress I've witnessed in the last 12yrs is mind blowing. I just love it. PC & it's residents should be proud of how much the city & county have grown and where they're headed. In the face of hurricane damage last fall, we pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and continued to move on; rebuilding our pride and confidence as one of the top choices to reside in FL. Thanks for sharing the commercial progress report and pictures. I love reading your articles on issues regarding PC. I frequently learn something new from you

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