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Know Your City: Which Roads Are Most Used by Local Palm Coast Drivers?

Interstate 95 is key to those making local trips between Palm Coast Pkwy and SR 100. On and off ramps at SR 100 and Palm Coast Pkwy are all heavily used.

By Toby Tobin
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PALM COAST, FL – August 28, 2017 – Which Palm Coast roads gets the most use by local drivers? GoToby.com went to the Florida Department of Transportation to find out. You might be surprised at what we found.

The daily vehicle count on Interstate 95 south of SR 100 (exit 284) is 47,000. Between SR 100 and Palm Coast Pkwy (exit 289), the count jumps to 74,927. The daily count then drops back to 49,500 north of Palm Coast Pkwy. This means roughly 26,000 vehicles per day are simply using Interstate 95 to commute between SR 100 and Palm Coast Pkwy, increasing the Interstate daily traffic count by roughly 60% over that 5.8-mile section.

By comparison, Belle Terre Pkwy carries 23,500 vehicles daily between SR 100 and Palm Coast Pkwy. Old Kings Road carries 5,700 between the same roads. Colbert Lane carries a scant 3,300.

How many vehicles pass over Interstate 95 daily on Palm Coast Pkwy? The answer is 25,000.

29,000 vehicles are counted daily on SR 100 between the Interstate and Town Center Blvd and 28,000 vehicles per day on SR 100 from the Interstate to Old Kings Rd.

  • 9,500 motorists enter I95 southbound from PC Pkwy
  • 8,700 motorists exit I95 northbound at PC Pkwy
  • 5,900 motorists exit I95 southbound at SR 100
  • 5,600 motorists enter I95 northbound from SR 100

Source: FDOT

Florida DOT traffic counts - Palm Coast, FL

reader comments
Florida Park Drive N Traffic Count
Posted by Steven Carr
Mar 27, 2018, 12:22 pm
Just curious why Florida Park Drive, a residential street, was not reported on when FDOT reports that it has 8,600 cars per day and 645 trucks per day. Florida Park Drive, residential street, has more traffic than the non-residential Old Kings Road and Palm Harbor Parkway. It just seems odd when reporting on high use road that the report omitted the only residential road with a high traffic count. WHY?
Reply to Robert K
Posted by Toby
Aug 30, 2017, 1:54 pm
There are two locations that they count on U.S. 1 between Palm Coast Pkwy and SR 100:

15,200 between Palm Coast Pkwy and SR 100 West
16,500 between SER 100 West and SRJ 100 East
Road Usage
Posted by Robert Kegley
Aug 30, 2017, 1:48 pm

Be interested in the usage of US-1.

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