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Red Light Cameras Gone – Handicapped Parking Cameras Coming Soon

In another move solidifying the newfound spirit of cooperation between Palm Coast and Flagler County, officials will soon announce a joint ordinance requiring Handicapped Parking cameras.

By Toby Tobin
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Palm Coast, FL – APRIL 1, 2019 – Palm Coast and Flagler County have joined forces in support of their aging voter base to mandate the installation of Handicapped Parking cameras in all public and private parking lots within both city and county jurisdictions. Not all, but most handicapped drivers are seniors, and 30 percent of Flagler’s population is 65 or older.

We have all seen seemingly non-handicapped drivers use parking spaces designated for qualified handicapped drivers. Their actions are despicable, contemptible, loathsome, detestable, and reprehensible. They place undue burdens on the truly handicapped who are forced to park further away from their destination.

handicapped parking signUnder the soon to be announced ordinance, all businesses will be required to install, at their expense, cameras to monitor each handicapped parking space within their private parking lots. Cameras must be installed prior to the business’s next business license renewal date. If not, the business license will not be renewed.

Cameras in public parking locations will be funded through a new Handicap Impact Fee on the construction of new age-restricted housing, ironically taxing the very people most likely to be negatively affected by parking scofflaws.

The new cameras will be equipped with both vehicle tag and facial recognition features that will allow cross-checking of vehicles and drivers through existing DMV license photo and vehicle registration files.

First time parking offenders will be subject to a $500 fine. Second-time offenders will pay $750 and be required to park, for six months, only in spaces designated for multiple offenders. These spaces will be provided by the businesses and located in the most distant reaches of the parking lot.

Further, multiple offenders will be prohibited from using shopping carts or other conveyances to transport items to their vehicle; likely requiring multiple trips to their vehicle carrying shopping bags and packages. A proposal advanced by Sheriff Rick Staly would have required flagrant and persistent offenders to carry their items while wearing a pair of soggy Depends, but the proposal was rejected as being impractical.

Both city and county officials deny that anticipated revenues were behind their decision to adopt a handicapped parking camera ordinance.

To my readers:  Fake news. Happy April Fools Day

Toby Tobin: REALTOR®, SRES®

I am a Florida licensed REALTOR®, SRES®, affiliated with Grand Living Realty in Palm Coast, Fla. As a real estate consultant and journalist, I have years of experience and a treasure trove of relevant analytics. I help developers, builders, homebuyers, and sellers achieve improved outcomes with reduced stress, knowing that their real estate decisions are sound and fact-based.

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reader comments
Posted by Charles F. Ericksen, Jr
May 29, 2021, 1:06 pm
Belle Terre , is a candidate for cameras.., Being a person who uses the N/S trip through Flagler , there is consistent violations of the 45 MPH , passing at 60+, driving up ones back to get ahead, even using the right , 3rd lane at some intersections to , continue straight ahead ( YES).. 45mph is just a suggestion to the jerks..
Handicapped parking
Posted by Juanita
Apr 01, 2019, 2:20 pm
I fell for it and while reading I thought it was a great idea. At least the first half of the article. My husband is handicapped so I well understand the reasoning behind this article.
Ya almost got me
Posted by Cyd weeks
Apr 01, 2019, 12:37 pm
That was funny! You had me pretty far into it. Now we have to make sure they don't see it and think it's a great idea Lol.

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