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Island Walk Traffic Pattern Improvements to Include Rotary

The main entrance to this popular Palm Coast shopping and dining venue has drawn criticism since the center was redeveloped in 2016. Traffic engineers think they have a solution.

By Toby Tobin
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Palm Coast, FL – APRIL 1, 2019 – The main entrance to Island Walk, Palm Coast’s popular shopping and dining venue, has drawn criticism since the center was redeveloped in 2016.

Before the renovation, Island Walk’s entrances to a “T” intersection ended with a stop sign. The interior access road had the right of way. The renovated traffic pattern gives the right of way to arriving traffic rather than to the interior access road. Yet, three years later, 25% of arriving drivers still stop where the stop signs no longer exist. The result has been a mounting frustration of delays for arriving drivers, confusion among those now sitting at stop signs on the interior access road, and multiple fender-benders.

Complicating the main entrance problems are the proximity of the Publix and Starbucks parking entrances. Traffic engineers determined that the ideal solution is a rotary, but engineers had to overcome many design hurdles. Not the least of these was the fact that rotaries require more land area than do “T” intersections. How to create a rotary without impacting access to Publix and Starbucks.

The engineers’ solution is ingenious. The Starbucks drive-thru lane will be incorporated into the new rotary. This not only solves the space problem but also assures future complaints regarding the center’s traffic pattern will not be “without grounds.”


Island Walk

The project has been approved by the Island Walk owner. Work will begin in July and is expected to last for 3 to 4 years. During construction, all shopping center traffic will be diverted to the center’s three other entrances.

To my readers: Fake news; Happy April Fools Day

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reader comments
Got me
Posted by Grace Zultowski
Apr 15, 2019, 1:43 am
You're so right about the traffic problems at the entrance, and I'm very glad that this was not the solution!
Posted by Steve Casemier
Apr 01, 2019, 9:20 pm
Excellent. You got my wife hook, line and sinker on that one. However, given that it is Palm Coast, it certainly could be within the realm of possibility.

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