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Evacuations Stalled as Hurricane Dorian Shifts Again - Both Bridges Remain Open

Hurricane Dorian shifted further east Saturday improving the outlook for Flagler County. Evacuation plans are postponed until Monday. Bridges will not close until winds reach a sustained 45 mph.

By Toby Tobin

PALM COAST, FL — August 31, 2019 — Hurricane Dorian shifted further east Saturday improving (at least temporarily) the outlook for Flagler County. Evacuation plans are postponed until Monday.

August 31 5:00 PM

“The picture is looking better, but we don’t want people to let down their guard,” said Emergency Management Director Jonathan Lord. “We are continuing to prepare as though we are going to need to call for evacuations at some point but we don’t know exactly what that window is.”

Flagler County will announce evacuations and shelter information with enough advance notice for residents to transition from their homes and into shelters.

When evacuation orders are issued, Bunnell Elementary will be the General Population and Pets Shelter, and Rymfire Elementary is designated for people with special needs.

ICW Bridges Remain Open

Neither the Hammock Dunes Bridge nor the State Road 100 Bridge is closed, and they will not close until winds reach a sustained 45 mph.

“The Hammock Dunes Bridge has suspended its toll collection, but the bridges are open,” said Emergency Management Director Jonathan Lord. “At some point, we have to close them because they become unsafe to travel.”

Based on the latest official forecast, sustained tropical-storm-force winds – in excess of 39 mph – may begin as early as Tuesday morning along coastal portions of Flagler County as Dorian moves very slowly northward just offshore of Florida's east coast, according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Ben Nelson from the Flagler County Emergency Operations Center.

“Flagler County remains within the average forecast Cone of Uncertainty,’ but forecast trends have been shifting this cone gradually eastward today,” Nelson said. “Heavy rainfall and increasing onshore winds may begin in Flagler County as soon as Monday evening as Dorian begins a slow northward turn. Based on the latest official forecast, 4 to 8 inches of rainfall will be possible during this event in Flagler County.”

Check for current information on Flagler County’s website www.flaglercounty.org, and follow “Flagler County Government” or “Flagler County Emergency Management on Facebook or Twitter. The county’s social media team will provide updates through these official accounts:

  • Facebook.com/FlaglerCountyGovernment
  • Facebook.com/FlaglerEOC
  • Twitter.com/FlaglerCtyGov
  • Twitter.com/FlaglerEOC
  • Instagram.com/FlaglerEOC
  • And partner radio station WNZF at FM 94.9 or AM 1550, or download the Flagler Radio app

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