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Palm Coast Schedules Neighborhood Meeting for Palm Harbor Golf Course Discussion

Hear about plans and progress toward Palm Coast's municipal golf course. Get your questions answered.

By Toby Tobin
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Palm Coast, Florida – September 21, 2008 – The City of Palm Coast will conduct a neighborhood meeting on Wednesday, October 1st, 6:00 p.m. to discuss updated development plans for the Palm Harbor Golf Course. The meeting will be held at the Palm Coast Community Center, 305 Palm Coast Parkway NE. All residents are invited to attend this meeting.
The Palm Harbor Golf Course was acquired by the city as a donation from Centex when Centex elected to abandon its plans build a resort hotel and redevelop the golf course. The city is resurrecting the course as a municipal facility.
For additional information, please contact Carl Cote at 386-986-3748.
reader comments
PC Golf Course
Posted by Lou Mecseri
Sep 23, 2008, 7:04 am
The run down, neglected Golf Course was no donation to the city.

Business is not in the habit to give things away without getting something in return. Centex is no exception.

In exchange for the title to the golf course, Centex received extension so they can market Palm Coast Resort property with the previously received and expiring benefits.

Centex will be asking for more extension in the future. At that time the city should obtain title to the driving range.
Wrong "T" time for City
Posted by George Meegan
Sep 21, 2008, 11:43 am
The "T" time here is TAX as this property has little chance of doing anything but costing the property tax payers of Palm Coast big time. The property was on the Tax rolls and we had an income from that, now off the city tax rolls it starts off with us loosing before the first round's "T" time. Donating properties that are costing owners by the lack of income and cost of taxes has been done for years. It allows further right offs for the value being donated. So the gift to the city was motivated by the right offs which was not doing us a favor. In todays market for golf courses it would not demand much, as the cash flows are not present and the investment needed to bring it back exceeds the value that it could be sold at. That's a NO FOR ANY INVESTOR, except the City of Palm Coast Government that will use TAX PAYERS MONIES to do what anyone else in the business world would not think of. That's because common sence previals when you use you own money, but not here, as this is being done with someone elses money OUR'S. The use of OP monies is why the US economy is crashing. Attend this meeting and put in your two cents, before it cost you big money paying for the "T" times of the few that will use this course.

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